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Welcome to OboeStuff, your best chance to find Oboe and English Horn products at affordable prices.

 "All the OboeStuff you'll ever need"

Here's what our customers are saying about our reeds:

"...all the reeds played beautifully.  They responded great and produced a fantastic tone."

  Kits & Specials 

Bookmark this page and check back often for special sale prices on your
reed making supplies.

  New Product & Services
Check out our newest products and product lines.  Don't see what you want?
e-mail us and let us now what you'd like... we might be adding it in the near future.
  Cane and Reeds

Here you'll find tube canes from Alliaud & Rigotti which are all available as
gouged and shaped cane that is processed on our RDG gouging machines
and shaped on Jeanné shaper tips.  You'll also find a complete selection of
Glotin cane products.  OboeStuff reeds are available in student, professional
and reed blanks (either un-scraped or with pre-scraped tip and channels).


Tubes & Mandrels

OboeStuff  is proud to offer the finest selection of Oboe & English Horn tubes
from Glotin, Lorée, Pisoni and MCW.  We also carry a variety of student and
professional mandrels from Glotin, Lorée, Rigotti and MCW.


Knives & Sharpeners

We offer only the best knives at OboeStuff Check out our offering of
Rigotti and Landwell knives.  If you want the absolute best in knife
sharpening... check out our Spyderco© ceramic hone selection.  We
offer a medium, fine and ultra fine bench hone that work better than ANYTHING
on the market.  We also carry a pocket version of the medium and fine hones
and a triangular stick system that beats the competition hands down.



Whatever you need to make or maintain your reeds can be found in our
reed STUFF.  Some unusual items you'll find are the Rigotti Oboe/ English Horn
combination gouge scraper, used to smooth or redefine the gouge of a piece of
cane.  Check out our exclusive collection of fun colored English Horn wire
(over 20 colors to choose from).


Instrument STUFF

If it's for your instruments bore, the pads or keys, we've got what you need
at great prices.  Check out the Glotin screwdriver, it has a spring pusher/hook
blade that the Lorée screwdriver doesn't carry.  We also have special order
Wiseman oboe, oboe/English Horn combo, clarinet, flute/piccolo and bassoon cases.

Reed & Tool Cases

We carry Glotin and Rigotti reed cases for various number of reeds.  Check
out the prices on our Wilson single and double leather tool cases!  Check the
link to our new Harris Case and Wiseman reed cases.  Harris Cases are
available in oboe/English Horn combination cases on special order.

Gouging Machines, Etc

Simply the newest, easiest and foolproof gouging machines in the world.
These premier machines are manufactured by Reeds 'N Stuff in Germany.
You'll also find regular push type pre-gougers, a new pre-gouging machine
for oboe and English Horn, metric dial indicators and special order profiling
machine that profiles the reed after it's wrapped on the tube. 

The ECONOMICS of gouging tube cane

should be considered when buying cane products long-term or
of sufficient quantities.  1 (one) lb of Alliaud oboe tube cane will
produce about 250 to 300 pieces of gouged cane.  That's more or less
.25¢ each compared to $ 1.75 each when purchasing gouged cane
OboeStuff, or even more when purchased from other dealers.
The savings from gouging your own cane would pay for the combination
radius gauge/calipers, cane splitter, oboe push style pre-gouger,
gouging machine with guillotine and analog dial depth indicator
after approximately 900 pieces.  At approximately 300 pieces
per year the equipment would have paid for itself in 3 years.

 Products on this page available through special order only.

  Shaping Machine

Another machine manufactured by Reeds 'N Stuff.  This is the easiest
and safest machine ever created for shaping cane.  Place the gouged cane
on the shaperform, lower the holding handle, and pull the two levers one way
then the opposite way... lift the lever and the cane is shaped and scored for
folding.  One machine will accept oboe, English Horn or oboe d'amore shaperforms
(only one shaperform is provided with the machine, other shaperforms may
be ordered separately).  You may even send your own shape to us and we'll
manufacture a shaperform to its specifications.
 Products on this page available through special order only.

  Music Accessories

Our musical accessories page is a work in progress...  you will find objects
not exclusive to the oboe.  These items are meant to enhance the music
making experience through function and/or aesthetic.  Our first offering is
a clamp-on music accessory shelf with or without a water well.  It fits
regular and wire stands and is light weight enough to not weigh you down.

  Oboe Lessons
Study oboe and/or reed making.
 Manuscript Paper

Download various printable manuscript paper for your music writing needs FREE of charge.


Printable Order Form
    Reed Making Questions?
Ask the Reed Termite© it may be able to help!


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